Specialized hi-tech hardware for cryptocurrency mining

Just as gold and silver were the currency and store of value in the industrial age, Bitcoin becomes the currency and store of value in the digital age. Historically, it was a matter of course for certain groups of people to own land, mines, and later factories, apartments or stocks. Today, digital assets are added to this.
Get the gold mine of the digital age!

Why choose SBMC

At SBMC, we strive to make the complicated simple. Therefore, the clients would only buy specific hardware and then they decide what to do with their extracted cryptocurrency, whether to save it in their own e-wallet, or have it exchanged for the supported fiat currency of their wallet and sent to their bank account.....

You should know that these mining machines bigger then a desktop computer, relatively noisy and therefore difficult to be connected at home. Imagine that each machine produces approximately the same noise as a vacuum cleaner, with the noise of one running device reaching volume ​​of about 80 dB.  At the same time, these devices generate a considerable amount of heat and the machine is operating at around 55 degrees celsius and needs to be cooled down. Last but not least, there is a need for software upgrades and maintenance, such as removing dust from fans inside the machine, etc. We can arrange for our customer-owned equipment to be placed in specialized server centers where optimal performance conditions for mining equipment are set and maintained, upgraded and optimized. 

What we do for our customers when they purchase a particular mining equipment, we can arrange that the hardware will be safely placed in specialized data centeres where mining equipment is kept and maintained. Updates and optimizing their performance are also taken care of. These data centers are usually operated with electricity from renewable sources, where the waste heat generated by the extraction equipment is still used to avoid waste. Therefore, for all the above reasons, those interested in cryptocurrency mining are working with SBMC.  Become our next satisfied customer! 

How does it work

  1. The client chooses the device according to the required performance
  2. Together we will set the optimal plan for covering the costs of hosting arrangements and electricity...
  3. The device is located in a specialized data center
  4. After initial setup and connection of the wallet, your hardware will start mining
  5. The mined cryptocurrency then flows into the client's cryptocurrency wallet
  6. From there, the client can withdraw, change and regularly send funds to his bank account
  7. The mining equipment is continuously serviced and maintained in optimal condition for the maximum possible performance throughout its life
  8. The system with artificial intelligence constantly analyzes the market and directs mining towards the most profitable cryptocurrencies
  9. The customer support department is fully available to clients at all times, which provides service and information in the client's language
Mining hardware
State of the art next generation technology, which we pre-order long in advance due to high global demand
Hosting in data centers
Noise or heat generated by mining equipment is not a problem in specialized data centers. They maintain optimal conditions for high performance of your hardware.
Maintenance, service and power supply
A team of experts monitors, services and maintains all equipment under optimal conditions for the maximum performance. To this end, our clients have secured electricity supplies at very competitive prices.
Premium customer support
Every client has the opportunity to direct any of his requests via chat, email or telephone, and most importantly in the client's language.

Frequently asked questions

What do I buy as an SBMC client?
What are the step-by-step steps when purchasing?
What are the risks of cryptocurrency miners?
Who is a typical SBMC client?
Who should not become an SBMC client?
What can't you expect from SBMC?
Can I only order hardware from SBMC and arrange everything else myself?
You are buying specialized hardware, very simply a special computer that provides its computing power for processing and/or verifying transactions in cryptocurrencies. This computing power keeps the entire blockchain network running, and as a reward for providing this computing power, you will receive a certain amount of cryptocurrency every day.

How much cryptocurrency you receive depends primarily on how much network performance you provide. Generally, you will use your money to purchase these specialized hi-tech "computers" and as a reward you will receive a extracted cryptocurrency, which you can own or exchange it back in any currency, such as EUR or others.
First of all, it is necessary to fill in the order form.

Subsequently, the client completes a telephone conversation with the customer support, during which a cryptocurrency is established with the client, into which your "extracted" cryptocurrency will flow, at the same time we will talk about how you want to handle it in the future and agree on how to pay costs for electricity and arranged hosting and we will talk about your expectations from cooperation with SBMC.

Then, only for the entire life of the mining equipment, you either transfer cryptocurrencies to EUR and to your bank account at will, or you keep them in your own wallet as "family silver". In both cases, a customer support line will be available to you, where colleagues, for example, can help you with cryptocurrency, shift or security.
""Risk exists in three basic forms.
First, we name these risks and then analyze them and explain how to deal with them effectively. The first risk is that the client pays a certain amount for the purchase of mining hardware and the extracted cryptocurrency for the entire life of the hardware will not cover this cost.

Another risk is that the mining is associated with the initial or ongoing costs of electricity and hosting and there may be a situation where the value of the extracted cryptocurrency will be lower than these costs. The last risk concerns the possible loss or theft of cryptocurrencies.

The first two risks are primarily a situation where the value of cryptocurrencies drops sharply and remains at low levels for some time. Today's situation is such that at the current prices of mining equipment and the current value of cryptocurrencies, their "mining" is usually considered as a highly profitable affair. This, of course, drives up the demand for mining equipment globally and thus their price. However, if it is to be a serious cooperation, it is necessary to talk about the situation that may occur and the fact that the value of cryptocurrencies will fall sharply at the moment when the client bought the mining equipment at historically high prices.

A similar situation occurred in 2017 and the subsequent fall in the value of cryptocurrencies divided the miners into 2 groups.

The first group was frightened, sold below the price of mining hardware and suffered losses, ending up with zero or little profit.

The second group purchased this hardware at lower prices from and continued mining even when the value of the extracted cryptocurrencies did not even cover the costs of mining. This approach was subsequently very richly rewarded with the growth in the value of cryptocurrencies in 2020. Some miners subsequently exchanged cryptocurrencies in EUR, USD, or GBP, thus covering their past costs and leaving with a very interesting premium, but most of them continue mining and they hold all the extracted crypto because they perceive its sale as unnecessarily disposing of a very valuable asset, which, due to its anti-inflationary nature, runs the risk of not being able to reclaim it cheaper in the future. The third risk is the possible loss or theft of client cryptocurrencies.

If the client wants to transfer the extracted cryptocurrencies to EUR and to his bank account every month, this risk is minimal. On the contrary, if, like most of our clients, they consider long-term possession of cryptocurrencies, then this is a risk that needs to be avoided and therefore our customer support department can help clients address it, both security, wallet hardware and other possible tools and procedures to achieve maximum security levels of your cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, we first discuss possible risks with each potential client at SBMC and only then, if the client decides to cooperate, it will be implemented. This procedure is the only one that seems fair and transparent to us and is also one of the main reasons why clients shop with us repeatedly."
Usually, our clients are people who are looking for a reliable solution that will not require too much of their time, which they perceive as a rare commodity and prefer to dedicate it to their own business or family. People who prefer a top product, first-class service and customer support in their language before looking for cheap solutions.

Due to the simplicity of the whole mining process in the SBMC, our clients are and can be people who may not fully comprehend all the specific details and details of the world of cryptocurrencies and their mining, but are still aware of the basic principles on which Bitcoin works (link to why crypto) and they understand the benefits that its mining and ownership can bring them. And for these clients, SBMC is usually the gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies and their mining.

Another group of clients consists of persons who currently perceive mining as highly profitable, are aware of potential risks and primarily want to buy mining equipment, leave all work to us and regularly change the extracted cryptocurrencies to EUR, which ends up in their bank accounts as another form of capital income in addition to dividends or rental income from real estate.
We would not like our clients to become speculative and gold diggers longing for quick and laborless enrichment, because we all know how these attempts usually end. At the same time, our client will probably not be someone who is looking for the cheapest possible solution at the cost of solving everything himself, negotiating with foreign suppliers, looking for suitable mining facilities, a source of cheap electricity, programming and servicing their mining equipment and so on.

Our clients are usually people who have their own successful business that generates enough money to cover their needs and with the money they have left trying to work to continue earning, or at least retain their value in the future despite inflation, which has increased in recent years and as The hidden tax bites us all from the savings. Preserving the value of money is the direction, according to many, by the most famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which is now being used by rich people and large corporations as digital gold to protect the future value of their money. In order to filter out any inappropriate types of clients, we talk with each potential client about the goal of our cooperation, how he perceives potential risks and how he approaches them, what his expectations are.

We talk together about the future and what we expect from it and what the client's priorities are and how much he agrees with our values.

We certainly do not offer a product and service suitable for everyone and we are aware of that.

We carefully select our clients so that we know what we can expect from each other throughout our relationship, and both parties were as satisfied as possible in this relationship.

These are our priorities and if the client agrees with them, then he is warmly welcomed and we are ideally looking forward to long-term cooperation with him. Such a client then makes us the best advertisement and therefore we can afford to choose clients even today. Our satisfied clients are then our best advertising campaign."
SBMC is not an investment company, we do not provide investment services, whether it is the appreciation of client money or investment advice.

We do not guarantee clients returns, nor do we promise fabulous enrichment while you wait, and all our potential clients will find out completely openly before any transaction takes place between us. We are professionals and a leader in our field and that is the development, production and distribution of high-tech mining hardware and the subsequent top service and care provided to clients and their mining equipment.

We can talk together about the situation in the world of cryptocurrencies, share our experiences, but every decision must be made by the client after careful consideration of all the pros and cons. We will provide you with all the necessary documents and objective information at a high level, but any decision will always be up to the client, because he is the only one who knows his real goals and priorities and will always act in his best interests in all circumstances.

Even this open approach of ours, and the fact that we do not make unrealistic promises to our clients, is the reason why our clients are our best advertising campaign.
Of course, this option exists, but it must be taken into account that in this case it is necessary to add VAT, shipping costs and more to the purchase price. Otherwise, we have no problem with delivery directly to the client and we are ready for this scenario.

The other side, however, is that due to VAT, electricity prices paid by ordinary households, the need to take care of equipment, find a special suitable space for them, and provide regular updates and service does not make economic sense from our point of view and therefore this option is used by only a percentage of our clients.

But if the client still wishes, it is not a complication on the part of SBMC and everything can be agreed with the customer support, which is fully available to you.

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